To add your social links to the icons in footer, please follow the steps below.

From your ghost dashboard, Go to general setting page and scroll down. In social account option, you can add Facebook and Twitter link there. This facebook and twitter will be linked with the icons in footer.

There is no option to add other social links directly from dashboard. Following are the steps to add other links.

  • open social-links.hbs file located in partials folder.
  • From line number 10, you can add different social links. Replace the # for each href value with your own profile links.
  • If you want to add other social links or want to remove one, please see all the available icons in "partials/icons" folder.

The code in social-links.hbs file, where you will add your links, will look like below.

<a href="#" title="{{t "Github"}}" rel="noopener" class="tooltip">{{> icons/github}}</a>

If you can not find any icon which you are looking for within partials/icons folder then you can visit and download your icon in SVG format. Now change that downloaded file's extention from .svg to .hbs and place it in partials/icons folder.

After that you can use that Icon like other icons following the above mentioned steps.