Theme Features

Learn about various features of DigiDoc theme and how those actually works.

API key for search

In this theme we have implemented a site wide search. You have to generate an API key and set that key in our theme. Without this API key setup, the search functionality will not work. Please follow the steps below. * Go to your admin dashboard and visit "Integrations" setting page.

Comment configuration

In this theme, Disqus comment comes out of the box. But you have to do a small setup to fully work this Disqus comment within your site. Enable Disqus comment To enable disqus you need disqus_shotrname for your site. To setup the disqus comment properly please follow the steps

Adding social links

To add your social links to the icons in footer, please follow the steps below. From your ghost dashboard, Go to general setting page and scroll down. In social account option, you can add Facebook and Twitter link there. This facebook and twitter will be linked with the icons in

Navigation links

Ghost support two set of navigation. In this theme the primary navigation will be shown at the top of the page and secondary navigation will be shown in the footer. Adding links to navigation To add links to you static page please follow the steps below. * Create a new page

FAQ page and link

In this theme FAQ is a different collection of posts. At first add a link in the navigation for FAQ list. The URL should be like this This link will show all the FAQ article list as you have seen in the demo [

Change log page

Change log page uses a custom page template. In this custom template a version list will be shown within the sidebar. The version list will be generate automatically based on the content of the page. To create the change log page follow the steps below. * Create a new page. * From

Need help?

Have you any question which is not answered in this knowledge base? Contact us. We are here to help you.

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